• Byron Bay light house
  • Byron Bay light house
  • eastern point of Australia
  • towards the Coral Sea
  • Byron Bay w/ surfers
  • Tallow Beach

Byron Bay is famous for being the most easterly point of Australia, for being a hang-out for surfers and backpackers from all over the world, and for being a haven for hippies.  The town lies between Byron Bay and Tallow Beach, with a rocky headland between them.

Since I was last there eight years ago, the hippies have started moving to the hinterlands and the town has definitely gotten bigger and more upscale.  If you are sensitive to the energy of a place that aborigines once used only for ceremonies and healing, it's a strange sort of double vision: a scrim of blonde heads, tanned bodies, surfboards, and fashion overlaid on a deeper pulsing.  

In the hinterlands are beautiful mountains, valleys, waterfalls and farms. And places like the marijuana-smoking town of Nimbin and even a New Age theme park called Crystal Castle. I didn't go in... I didn't think I could deal with Disney meets Buddha!

  • Minyon waterfall valley
  • Minyon waterfall
  • Minyon waterfall detail
  • Crystal Castle: New Age theme park
  • Nimbin storefront
  • Nimbin storefront